Your favorite record label by your favorite coffee roasters, Press Pot Recordings is the sonic chaser to your cup of joe. Releasing records and mixtapes since 2016.
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Austin, Texas PYSCHE ROCK GODS, The Black Angels graced us with our own DMC variant of their album, Neon Wilderness. Chalked full of layered reverb, echo-drenched vocals, warm & fuzzy keys for one helluva good time! 


Jon Langford & His Fancy Men recorded a live session upstairs at our Star Lounge coffee bar in the spring of 2021. An incredible piece of culture, history and EXCITEMENT were captured and laid into the grooves. 

Press Pot's first foray into vinyl was with this Brain Tentacles/Wild Jesus and the Devil's Lettuce Family Party Band split. With a cacophonous saxophone-fueled psychotic breakdown on one side and an acid trip through Krautrock-inspired psychedelia on the other, no one can argue that we didn't hit the ground running.

DMC and RJD2 teamed up to create a custom espresso blend and mixtape for his album Dame Fortune. A unique collection of classic breaks, funk, soul, and atmospheric moog-synth goodness. If you're lucky, you grabbed the cassette version.

This vinyl-only double 7" includes Chicago's Stacy Kidd and Scrubfish remixing the classic "Squaredancing In A Roundhouse". A true pioneer of cluture, Derrick's dedication to soul and vision over society's tokenism and modicum have repeatedly marked him as one of the most important players in dance music worldwide.

Strange Foliage was the music companion to the 2018 version of Devil's Lettuce. A quartet featuring DMC family member Stuart MacFayden, they combine garage, psychedelic and stoner rock heard best at high volumes. Settle is their debut release

Previously unreleased double A-side Indians / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath performed at Nakano Sun Plaza 23 – 25 March 1987 in Tokyo

Hypnagogia follows the journey of romantic love in an unforgiving world. Beginning dream-like using spacial textures and evolving into a chaotic symphony reflective of a night-time love meeting the harsh reality of the day after.

This track was an exclusive companion piece to the Blenditos release and is featured on a flexidisc with the coffee blend. In collaboration with our friends at Bloodshot Records

This vinyl-only 7" split with Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers b/w Publicist U.K. covering two classic Woodie Guthrie tunes to raise funds for the Woodie Guthrie Foundation and awareness against Fascism in the United States.