Hello beautiful people! We appreciate your support and want to make every order the best it can be. With that said, orders will be shipped as they are received, on a daily basis, as fast as we can process them. Patience with this process and also the expected delays in shipping are very appreciated! Please keep these things in mind when reaching out and we will help with any questions you have. 

Subscription Customers 

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Shipping rates

 United States - Unfortunately, the USPS has announced that there will be delays on packages starting October 1st. This means there is an increased chance of your package arriving later than expected. We appreciate your patience with this and will continue to do our best to remain quick and efficient in packaging these orders. However as we approach the holiday season, any time-sensitive orders should take this delay into consideration.

Under 4 pounds = $5 

4 to 7 pounds = $10
7 pounds and above = $15

International shipping 

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Shipping schedule

Shipping days are MondayWednesday and Friday.
Orders received on Monday and Tuesday will ship on Wednesday.
Orders received on Wednesday or Thursday will ship on Friday.
Orders received on FridaySaturday and Sunday will ship on Monday.

*Orders that are received with overnight, 2nd day air, etc. will still be shipping according to the schedule above. Ordering an item for overnight does not supersede our normal roasting, packing and shipping schedule. Thank you for your adherence to these policies; if there are any special needs or questions regarding them, feel free to call our office at 773-697-8472 during business hours, 9:00 am-5:00 pm CST. Thanks!  


Life is full of unexpected things, including mistakes, and sometimes, we mess up orders. We are more than willing to fix these mistakes, answer questions or help solve problems, just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. 






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