Barrel-aging coffee is not a new process. Historically, coffees were transported using vessels such as salt or pickle barrels during overseas journeys. Today, barrel-aging has become a more deliberate and artistic way to modify and reshape the characteristics of a coffee. From a culinary perspective, coffee is an extremely complex ingredient that we want to explore in as many iterations as possible. Barrel-aging has shown extraordinary results.
Raw coffee is essentially a dried grain. When introduced to high-moisture conditions, the coffee absorbs the nuances of its surrounding environment like a sponge.  Whatever spirit or concoction previously stored in the barrel will have a profound effect on the coffee.  With time, the flavors in the barrel develop and intensify, so we must monitor these coffees consistently. The larger batch number of our barrel-aged series will dictate the length of time spent within the barrel.
Our previous barrel experiments included, among others, the spirit vessels for Knob Creek, Koval, Goose Island, and Rémy Martin Cognac. The quantities of our barrel-aged coffees are typically limited, so try them while they are available!