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Coffee Cold Cans


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The initial Coffee Cold orders are now closed. We will be updated via social media and email when the next orders will be available. Thanks for the support! 

This will be our first shipment so please bare with us as we fine tune and smooth everything out. More information will be released on future online ordering, based on these initial orders. All orders with both Coffee Cold and regular whole bean coffee will be shipped at the same time, not individually. 

Coffee Cold comes in FOUR distinct styles, Black Splash, Brown Acid, Chocolate City, Vanilla Suburbs. Enjoy poured over ice or straight out of a chilled can. Strong enough to share with friends or solo for the real OGs. 100% coffee, no sweetners, sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives. (And vegan!) 

Each style comes in 8-packs, housed inside a swagged out cooler with Coffee Cold artwork. (These are randomly selected, so please no requests for a specific style.)For the time being we will only have our portfolio Coffee Cold cans available; Chocolate City, Brown Acid, Black Splash and Vanilla Burbs.  For those who can't decide (we don't blame you) grab the assorted 8-pack, with two of each style.

Chocolate City - At the center of our Coffee Cold galaxy exists the skeleton of perfection, ingeniously overdosed coffee and water. Minimalist, viscous, acid driven, psychedelegence in a can. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Black Splash - A rotating selection of spirit and/or barrel manipulated coffees, a psychedelic dreamscape in a can. A mind bending experience of fruity and voluptuous flavors. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Brown Acid - This electrifying force begins with a stellar selection of hops layered onto our house Coffee Cold. Paired together, the experience is nothing short of a technicolor explosion for the tastebuds. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Vanilla Suburbs - Far from the apocalyptic funk of Chocolate City exists the Vanilla Suburbs. A lavish and decadent conduction of coffee, vanilla and cocoa. This brew will delight with explosive vanilla and cocoa flavors. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Assorted Pack - 2 of each style 8oz (8-pack)