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November 16, 2018 — Kyle Hodges
Dark Matter Coffee And Friends Tokyo Pop-Up

Dark Matter Coffee And Friends Tokyo Pop-Up

Dark Matter Coffee & Friends is a two day pop-up in the Shibuya-Ku neighborhood of Tokyo, hosted by Craftheads. Featuring experimental coffees, beer collaborations, artwork from Shawnimals and a Public Image Ltd presentation from Martin Atkins! Join us Thursday & Friday, September 20 & 21st starting at 11:00am!
Your Guide to S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave Tastings

Your Guide to S.A.C.R.E.D. Agave Tastings


S.A.C.R.E.D. is a Chicago-based nonprofit that uses traditional and artisanal agave spirits to improve quality of life in rural Mexico. You may remember them from past collaborations/coffee projects like this:

 or agave distillations like this:

They use revenue generated from tastings and events to build libraries and greenhouses and to maintain water preservation systems in the same communities where agave spirits are fermented and distilled. In order to continue this growth and revitalization, they need your help. The best part? All you have to do is grab a drink and join a tasting! Here's the upcoming event schedule:


Sunday, Apr 22
3 - 7pm
Dove's Luncheonette
1545 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago IL 60622
Celebrate Earth Day!
Replant agave!
Your donation of at least $25 gets you one of three special flights, and 100% of that will be used to purchase agave plants from the middle school in Zaachila and gift them to maestros mezcalero in Oaxaca.

Monday, Apr 23
4 - 5:30pm
Garfield Park Con.
300 N Central Park
Chicago IL 60624

Chicago's only blooming agave!
Celebrate Agave Week with a talk about Chicago's only blooming agave, by Mezcal Lalocura maestro Eduardo Angeles! A tasting follows the talk. Free to industry folks.

Wednesday, May 2
6:30 - 8pm
Screaming Tuna
106 W Seeboth St
Milwaukee WI 53204

Milwaukee Sushi & Agave Dinner
A special dinner pairing five rare agave expressions with the award-winning sushi of Screaming Tuna. All profits will be donated to libraries and greenhouses in Mexico. A donation of $45 gets you a seat at the table.

Thursday, June 28
Time to come
Journeyman Distillery
109 Generations Dr.
Three Oaks MI 49128

 Journeyman Journeys to Mexico

We took the team from Journeyman down to Oaxaca for a week of visiting maestros — taste what they came back with and enjoy dishes Chef Luke imagined on the trip!Email us to be alerted when tickets are available.

Can't make any of those? Check out these opportunities!
Chicago's own Agave Triangle
Ongoing, self-guided tour in Logan Square
Masa Azul

Mi Tocaya
The best way to learn more about agave spirits in Chicago! Donate $25 to replanting agave, bring that receipt to the four participating Logan Square bars, and get sample tastes and agave knowledge on a 1.2-mile walk!
April 17, 2018 — Jake Kryshak
Trouble Managing Your Subscription?

Trouble Managing Your Subscription?

Our subscription service requires an extra login to access your account. We apologize for the additional login but it's all done for your safety. Here are step-by-step instructions but feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.
Pumpkin Spice 5k

Pumpkin Spice 5k

The Pumpkin Spice 5K Run/Walk takes place during the most beautiful time of year in Chicago and along its spectacular lakefront.  Join us for a scenic, family-friendly 5K Run or Walk through the historic lakefront area of Chicago’s Jackson Park.


Whitney Young High School is Chicago’s first public magnet school bringing together students from across Chicago. Whitney Young provides an academically rigorous education, consistently ranked among the best public high schools in the state and the top 50 in the nation. It was recently named the most diverse school in the nation. Each year 2,200 students walk the halls, study in classrooms, labs and libraries, and participate in over 100 clubs, 52 athletic sports teams and fine and performing arts. For the 5th year in a row, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) names it “The School of Champions”. Help support the academic, athletic and artistic excellence and be a part of the Pumpkin Spice 5k.


October 04, 2017 — Kyle Hodges
Dark Matter Day Discussion Series at Star Lounge Coffee Bar

Dark Matter Day Discussion Series at Star Lounge Coffee Bar

On October 31, 2017, the world will celebrate the historic hunt for the unseen—something that scientists refer to as dark matter. Global, regional, and local events are being planned on and around that date by institutions and individuals looking to engage the public in discussions about what we already know about dark matter and the many present as well as planned experiments seeking to solve its mysteries.
There’s more to the universe than meets the eye - but how do you find something that you can’t see? Join scientists from Argonne, Fermilab, and UChicago in their quest to understand the composition of the universe, including mysterious dark matter. For three weeks, Star Lounge Coffee Bar will host these discussions and exploration into dark matter and all it's untapped secrets. These events will lead to the universal celebration of Dark Matter Day, on Saturday, October 31st! 
Dark Matter Day
October 04, 2017 — Kyle Hodges
Shawnimal's Hug Lyf & Other Helping Hands

Shawnimal's Hug Lyf & Other Helping Hands

Every Saturday morning, you can count on Shawnimals being at Star Lounge, hanging out and chatting it up with his fellow friends and neighbors. So we are stoked that a piece, or pieces, of Shawnimals will be around 7 days a week, as he is the featured guest artist for his favorite watering hole. His work is WELL KNOWN throughout the world through his Ninjatown video game, plush toys, and also as a featured artist in March 2016's Ninja Blend. Check out all of his rad things, read epic stories of good versus evil, and download his Ninjatown game at and The kick off party will be Friday, October 6th, complete with coffee, music, beer and snacks! 


A universal notation that can be applied anywhere.  

October 01, 2017 — Kyle Hodges
Throwback blends!

Throwback blends!

Greetings everyone, happy 10 year Dark Matter anniversary! Each one of these bends were constructed before we had a roasting facility, and Star Lounge was our only brick and mortar. These blends definitely have a nostalgic flavor to them, giving an interesting look into how and what we used to roast and represent ourselves. These are limited to so make sure to try them before they're gone! 
Love Supreme (Throwback Blend)- 15#
Guru Java- 10#
Ethiopia Hambela 
Sumatra Ketiara
Funk 50- 10#
Brazil Natural 
Flying J's Mocha Java- 10#
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Ethiopia Hambela
Sumatra Ketiara
Ganesha (Espresso)- 40#
Sumatra Ketiara
Ethiopia Hambela
July 11, 2017 — Kyle Hodges
Dark Matter Coffee's 10th Anniversary Party!

Dark Matter Coffee's 10th Anniversary Party!

It's been ten fun years since Dark Matter Coffee humbly began in the confines of Star Lounge Coffee Bar. We are honored to be a part of this great city and want to throw the best damn party to celebrate!
This isn't just any party though, no, this is THE party of the summer, full of beer, food and tons of music! And to make it even better, it's a benefit for Hope For The Day!! That's right, instead of spending money on tickets, food and beverages, you can put that towards a charitable contribution for Hope For The Day.
Dark Matter Coffee is making sure that the beer, food and music are TOP NOTCH! We asked friends from all around the world to help use celebrate and raise money at the same time. So mark your calendars and we will see you Saturday, July 8th!
Wild Jesus
Cameron Hodges Press Pot Recordings, Twinpeaks DJs)
Chuck Wren (Jump Up Records)
Ben Ezra
Big Gidz
Slow Planes
Vapor Eyes
Tijuana Hercules
Ben Fasman
Essentia Water
Half Acre
Haywood Tavern
Noosa Yogurt
Roots Pizza
Ruth & Phils
Sauce & Bread
Estrella Negra
18th Street
Archie's Tavern
Band of Bohemia
Central State
Cigar City
Dark Horse
DC Brau
Devils Trumpet
Forbidden Root
Goose Island
Half Acre Beer
Hoof Arted
JK's Ciders
Local Option
Modern Times
Off Color
Old Irving
Ska Brewing
The Bruery
Virtue Cider
June 21, 2017 — Kyle Hodges
Beer & Coffee Lovers Can Finally Have It All!

Beer & Coffee Lovers Can Finally Have It All!

DMC are crazy beer geeks just like you. From our collaborations, to our packaging, etc, it's a fact that we love beer. Now we have taken things a step further and incorporated different fermentation using ingredients that make beer possible. These experimental processes are new to both the DMC inventory and the coffee community as a whole. Our goal is using a culinary approach to coffee, combined with knowledge, and fun, we learned from our many beer collaborations over the years. Now combining all that together, we are ready to introduce a new series of coffees that will satisfy even the biggest beer geek/coffee fanatic out there. 

These releases will be a combination of single origin and blends, using hopped or yeast fermented coffee. (Just like the beer making process) The first two in the series, Citra hops and Saison yeast, were also released last year, with great success. This year's harvest is no different, yielding yet another round of delicious coffees. 

Future releases will involve the following yeast or hops. 
Crystal Hop Fermented Catuai
Beer Blend (Combining one yeast and one hop fermented coffee.)
Bohemian Weiss Yeast fermented Catuai
Hallertau Blanc Hop Fermented Catuai

Saison Fermented Catuai

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a species of yeast primarily needed to produce beer, wine and bread. Because of the abilities of this microbe, Saccharomyces has become one of the most studied and cultivated organisms in the world.

Yeast, a type of fungi, is a single cell organism needed for coffee to be processed. To be clear, coffee fermentation doesn't need Saccharomyces, as there is a whole universe of other yeasts out there for fermentation. Fermentation tanks usually consist of a soup of microbes that also feed on coffee sugars and are almost always open air, and made of cement. Beer, wine and bread need the byproducts of yeast for them to be successful and gain complexity and flavor, while coffee does not. At the very least, coffee needs microbes to break down the sugary gelatinous layer of pectin surrounding a coffee bean to be dried properly. We've purposefully inoculated coffee fermentation tanks with Saccharomyces so we can layer the esters and acids it produces into the coffee.

When propagated, yeast will live the most amazingly simple life on the planet - it eats, it mates and sleeps in abundance, and if it's happy, that's all these critters will do their entire life. All yeast strains have slightly different preferences to be happy but overall they need:
-water with regulated temperature and pH
We've had great results from Saison yeast in the past. It's sturdy and not particularly fussy over its environment or *food*. Characteristics like this are ideal for us, due to the unruly and unpredictable nature of open-air fermentation tanks. Saison yeast produces esters and phenols that give saison beer their signature flavors - think bubblegum, banana or clove. As the coffee sits, it can absorb these flavors and take on a unique set of characteristics.

Once the saison yeast is active, we add it to the fermentation tank with freshly pulped coffee. This process fundamentally alters the ecosystem of the tank. The combined characteristics will stay present through the rest of processing, roasting and finally brewing.

Citra Hopped Catuai
We have played with hopping coffees using two processes. Currently, we send out iced coffee brewed with Citra hops, but this process is not related to this whole bean coffee. 

In this process we added dry hops to freshly pulped coffee in a fermentation tank at the farm. Hops flowers have resin glands that produce bittering compounds that inhibit microbial production. The dissolved hops make a "marinade" for the coffee to ferment. Similarly to the saison yeast, the roasted coffee has a subtle layer of hop character, which should add juicy fruity qualities to the bean.

June 11, 2017 — Kyle Hodges