Heavy Metal Coffee Bag


Heavy Metal has teamed up with Dark Matter Coffee to bring uniquely designed coffee bags with the highest quality grounds to your mornings! This coffee will be sold EXCLUSIVELY on the Heavy Metal website, as a single or subscription option. Links at the bottom to order! 

This Heavy Metal collage features characters new and old. Some unfamiliar characters are from the following stories!
Maiden: By Bart & Michelle Sears, debuting in Issue #302
Savage Circus: By Brendan Columbus: Serialized from Issue #300! 
Dark Wing: By Matthew MedneySerialized from Issue #300! 
Sun Eater: By Dylan Sprouse, Written By Dylan Sprouse & Joe Harris: Out Now: Comic Series 
Beyond Kuiper: By Matthew Medney & John Connelly: Out November 11th
WonderWerk: Original Podcast Series: Out everyone one can listen to podcasts!

April 19, 2024 — Kyle Hodges
Tags: Heavy Metal

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