Launch of Supernova Cannabis + Coffee + Chocolate Bars!
Supernova Bar
We are super excited to finally share this great news, our first collaboration of cannabis, coffee and chocolate! DMC & Nature's Grace and Wellness are teaming up to produce a new line of products, with the Supernova Bar as the first offering! Join us on Thursday, April 13th (6-9pm) for the launch party at Emporium Logan Square
April 19, 2024 — Kyle Hodges


Geo. K. Weissler

Geo. K. Weissler said:

Tried my first ever, figured it must at least go two way, so I ate half. With God as my witness, I felt nothing, nothing, I forgot I had eaten it. So sorry, I really had my finger crossed. Do not give up!
You can do this! Try again.

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