Do Rite + Dark Matter Coffee = Vanilla Suburbs

Press Release from Do-Rite Donuts for the new DMC collaboration.

You could say simpatico. You could say synchronicity. You could also say Vulcan mind meld. This is how we feel about our partners at Dark Matter Coffee. Why do we love our friends at Dark Matter Coffee? They are innovative and ethical, interesting and tenacious, artistic and inspired. Their community stretches from the streets of Chicago to the coffee farms of El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. The
result of their efforts resides in every cup of coffee we serve at Do-Rite.

Our newest collaboration donut is the Vanilla Suburb. Inspired by George Clinton and the Parliament Funk lyrics, this embodies the complexity of the Dark Matter philosophy. It’s a raised donut with not one, but two fillings. The first is a Chocolate City coffee infused cream, the second is a chocolate ganache with a hint of cayenne. Finally, it’s dipped in a real vanilla bean glaze and finished with some
chocolate latte art (as coached by Dark Matter’s Jesse Diaz). These wonderful things will be at both Do-Rite shops and all 3 Dark Matter locations for the next 3 weeks. And we are pretty comfortable suggesting some coffee to go with that.



Kathy said:

Best donut ever! Best coffee ever! This was a really great donut, I hope you bring it back sometime!

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