Press Pot Recordings Presents Brain Tentacles

Brain Tentacles is the first coffee & music release from the DMC record label, Press Pot Recordings. This Chicago-centric label was created as an avenue to collaborate with some of Chicago's finest musicians, artists, record labels and others working hard in the music field. This celebration of Chicago's rich music history will also benefit Experimental Sound Studios, a valued asset in the music community and a trusted partner. 

Brain Tentacles is the name of both the coffee and one of the featured bands, a super group of sorts, consisting of drummer Dave Witte (Municipal WasteDiscordance Axis, etc.), saxophonist Bruce Lamont (Corrections HouseYakuza, etc.) and bassist Aaron Dallison (Keelhaul). This metal-meets-jazz group's grinds & grooves are infectious concoctions of brilliance. Sonic-ally balancing out the other side of the record is Wild Jesus & The Devil's Lettuce Party Band, a name that is familiar with DMC fans, as it consists of multiple DMC family members. Their latest release fits perfectly in your record bin with King Crimson, Mr. Bungle and 13th Floor Elevators. Recorded at Piehold Studios, down the street from The Mothership, on both analog instruments and tape that adds a warmth and depth listeners will appreciate. 

Both coffees are available individually or as a Press Pot Combo for a reduced price. The vinyl will be given out at the release party on April 20th at Sportsman's, with additional copies for sale from the band's sites, Wild Jesus & Brain Tentacles . DMC retail locations will also sell the Press Pot Combo w/a record while supplies last. 

Coffee #1  
Country: El Salvador 
Farm: Vista Hermosa 
Cultivar: Pacas Joven 
Process: Honey 

Coffee 2
Country: Guatemala 
Farm: San Jeronimo Miramar 
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Bourbon barrel aged 

Notes: Hazelnut, Plum, Madagascar Vanilla 
Net Wt: 12 oz



marp said:

>>>King Crimson, Mr. Bungle and 13th Floor Elevators
SOLD. bought the T-shirt for Press Pot with my Coffee Order. How do I hear the music.

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