Intellectual Curiosity (February 2016 Limited Blend)
This is an age of ever-increasing possibilities. Access to information is limitless.
New scientific techniques bring old and fundamental truths to light. Discourse is held at a global level. Mysteries are demystified as vast chasms in our society are bridged. 
Our collective cognitive resources are greater than ever before. Knowing ourselves and truly seeking to understand the world around us is the basis of compassion, and the key to our greatest innovations. 
Let's think critically, question bravely, and abandon bias in pursuit of something greater...
Is it really February? As in the second month of 2016, half way through winter? It seems so, which means that it's time for Intellectual Curiosity, an annual blend in its fifth year. 

We took you to the depths of space with January's limited release, Nordic Thunder; a wild blend featuring an aquavit cask-conditioned madness, not intended for the tame caffeine junkies. Intellectual Curiosity,brings you back to earth's orbit, (probably near the gravitational pull of the moon) with an Ethiopian earth-funk-fruit-bomb of a blend. Classified as one of our Light Speed coffees, this blend combines an Ethiopian coffee paired with a Caturra from Finca San Jeronimo in Guatemala. Celebrating the fun and exciting flavors that are anchored by a rich, dark chocolate flavor (think of a 60% dark chocolate bar) with juicy, fruity flavors that continue to open up as the coffee cools. (If you can make it last that long.) Here's the breakdown:
Coffee 1
Country: Guatemala
Farm: Finca San Jeronimo Miramar
Cultivar: Caturra
Process: Washed

Coffee 2
Country: Ethiopia (in Keffa)
Farm: Mullege Bonta Estate (Bonga Washing Station)
Cultivar: Heirloom Typica 

Notes: Meyer Lemon, Dried Apricot, Dark Chocolate 
Net wt: 12 oz

Music for the release is provided Chicago's own SHOWYOUSUCK, released on the new DMC record label, Press Pot Recordings. The bag's artwork was created by world renowned, Chicago based artist, SLANG (Read about both artists below) (ALBUM STREAM)
ShowYouSuck has raised the bar for live hip-hop performances and is considered a trailblazer for a new era, alternative hip-hop; promoting P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) while connecting with his fans through shared obsessions such as fun, food and relationships. Having performed across the United States & internationally, SHOWYOUSUCK is one of the most relevantly liked emcees out of Chicago, giving his fans everything he didn't have as a kid; a live, metal enthused, rap performance. 

On the heels of his Chicago Tribune article, DMC is stoked to include his newest EP as part of the Intellectual Curiosity. AWESOME TAPE! will be released as a cassette only, with a guest appearances from Oreo Jones and a remix from previous DMC collaborators and famed Chicago french fry experts, The Hood Internet.
When the word SLANG is said, seen or heard around Chicago, everyone knows exactly who it is. One of the OGs of the Chicago graffiti scene, Slang's work can be seen in almost every corner of the city and especially on previous DMC collaborations Intellectual Curiosity 2014, Star Lounge Coffee Bar's Cheshire Cat mural and a custom piece for the DMC box truck. 

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