Styrian Wolf Fermented Catuai


This coffee is the first of many experiments from the 2018-2019 harvest at Finca San Jeronimo Miramar; a Catuai fermented with juicy Styrian Wolf Hops. Earlier this year we went down to Guatemala to conduct a series of hop and yeast experiments and for this particular excursion we combined hop pellets and freshly picked Catuai.

Styrian Wolf hops, it is a variety that was bred by the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research, an organization that researches and studies hop farming, production, and processing. Styrian Wolf has agricultural benefits in terms of disease resistance, yield, and storage stability, but also has a beautiful bouquet of fruity and floral aromas. They have a cool fact sheet on this hop here

The aromatics on the Styrian Wolf reminded us of grapefruit soda and watermelon candy, which inspired the colors on the bag. Expect layers of fruit and sweetness, lemon, caramel and apricot, complimenting the warmer summer weather. 

Country: Guatemala
Farm: San Jeronimo Miramar
Producer: Giorgio Bressani
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Fermented with Styrian Wolf Hops
Tastes like lemon, caramel, and apricot

Net Wt: 12oz 

*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please select the correct grind – drip, espresso, or press. 

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