Intellectual Curiosity (February Limited Blend)


This is an age of ever-increasing possibilities. Access to information is limitless. New scientific techniques bring old and fundamental truths to light. Discourse is held at a global level. Mysteries are demystified as vast chasms in our society are bridged. 
Our collective cognitive resources are greater than ever before knowing ourselves and truly seeking to understand the world around us is the basis of compawssion, and the key to our greatest innovations. 
Let's think critically, question bravely, and abandon bias in pursuit of something greater...

Intellectual Curiosity is our annual reminder of pushing aside the negative to highlight the positive. 

This is a fun blend for us because it is one of the few times we get to play with an African coffee, in this case from Ethiopia. The base of this coffee is a natural processed coffee from the Idido cooperative in the Yirgacheffe region giving the blend a bright citrus profile. We paired this with a natural process from Federico Pacas in  to compliment the fruity notes and add a chocolate richness. It's rare for us to have a double natural blend so enjoy it!

The bag design is the work of Anthony Lewellen, a Chicago born and based multidisciplinary art maker. In his formative years, he was an innovative figure within Chicago's graffiti culture and is still active to this day. His work has come to include a growing body of large scale public murals.

Coffee 1 
Country: Ethiopia 
Farm: Yirgacheffe
Cooperative: Idido
Cultivar: Heirloom Varieties
Process: Natural

Coffee 2 
Country: El Salvador
Farm: Tuxpal 
Cultivar: Mixed Cultivar 
Process: Natural
Notes: Lemon Candy, Brownie, Almond
Net Wt: 12oz


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