Ghoul Screamer (KHDK Limited Blend)


Guarding a serpentine circuit of obsidian, Ghoul Screamer was forged in the bottomless mines of Az'g'orath to protect humanity from the forces of evil by summoning the scream of the Ghoul. (from "ghôùll", Sumarian for "sick tone"). Heed the prophecy; only warriors of the sacred caffeine-to-blood ratio will wield the power of Ghoul Screamer, a fully fermented brew with waves of untamed punch. Those unworthy will be consumed by its force. 
This project was a collaboration with KHDK ElectronicsKHDK was founded by Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist of Metallica, and David Karon, a music industry veteran. Bag artwork is from Daniel Kurz, with design by Jennifer Ferguson. 

Check the video we made with the DMC & KHDK gang, as we selected the coffee for the blend. 


Country: El Salvador  
Farm: Santa Petrona
Cultivar: Bourbon 
Process: Honey

Country: El Salvador 
Farm: Las Marias
Cultivar: Pacas 
Process: Natural 
Notes: Apricot, Praline, Mulling Spice
Net Wt. 12oz.

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*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please indicate your preference in the notes section – drip, espresso, or press.