Red Wine Fermented Catuai


Continuing with our experimental fermentation series, this week's release is a Catuai fermented with red wine yeast, a form of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Because of the abilities of this microbe, Saccharomyces is one of the most studied and cultivated organisms in the world, used primarily in beer, wine and bread production. 

Yeast, a type of fungi, is a single cell organism. Beer, wine and bread need the byproducts of yeast for successful results, while coffee does not. To be clear, coffee fermentation doesn't need Saccharomyces, as there is a whole universe of other wild yeast for fermentation. Coffee fermentation tanks usually consist of a soup of microbes that also feed on coffee sugars (fructose, glucose) and are almost always open air, and made of cement. At the very least, coffee needs microbes to break down the sugary gelatinous layer of pectin surrounding a coffee bean to be dried properly. We've purposefully inoculated coffee fermentation tanks with Saccharomyces so we can layer the esters and acids it produces into the coffee.

Once the red wine yeast is active, we add it to the fermentation tank with freshly pulped coffee. The exposed beans will then absorb the red wine yeast characteristics surrounding it which tend to be bright and fruity, and if done right, will stay present through the rest of processing, roasting and finally brewing. For those who appreciate a satisfying red wine, this coffee will be an excellent trick for your taste buds, with sweet, fruit notes and delicate tea qualities.  

Country: Guatemala
Farm: Finca San Jeronimo
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Washed, Fermented w/Red Wine Yeast
Taste: Red Apple, Green Grape, Oolong Tea

Net Wt. 12 oz each


*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please indicate your preference in the notes section – drip, espresso, or press. 

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