Crack the Skye (Mastodon's Coffee)


What began several years ago with our release of Black Blood, has continued with the new release of Crack the Skye. For the band, Crack the Skye was a departure from their previous releases, one that had the band really focusing on the vibe of the album, with the music at the helm. After several years and millions of fans later, it's easily said that Crack the Skye was a complete success, both critically and from a fans perspective. 

Underling all of the energy and success the album was a darker thread that helped Brann Dailor deal with a substantial matter in his life, the death of his sister Skye. The album and title song, were a cathartic release for Brann, not an easy task, as Skye died from suicide after she was bullied at her school. 

Over the course of the last couple of years, Brann has gotten to know more about the great work that Hope For The Day does to help prevent suicide, and raise awareness for other mental health issues. To say that Brann's willingness to help HFTD is an understatement, as he has been a vital person in helping put this entire project together. Both Dark Matter Coffee and Hope For The Day are extremely thankful for this support, as a person of the magnitude as Brann will increase a much needed awareness to those who are battling depression and mental illness on a daily basis. Proceeds from the sale of this coffee will go to Hope For The Day, helping to fund their services world wide.

Crack the Skye illustrates collaboration and dedication to making a difference in people's lives, and we hope it helps someone start a needed conversation, extend a phone call or make it another day. 

We took a different approach with this coffee. Where Black Blood was fruity, boozy and big, Crack the Skye is comfort, juicy and classic; layering a yellow honey with a washed coffee to highlight as much body and sweetness as possible. A semi-washed or yellow honey processed coffee is delicately washed; enough to rinse off excess mucilage but not enough to entirely strip the bean of this gelatinous, sugary layer. This allows the coffee to lightly ferment, but more importantly, leaves trace amounts of sugar on the bean which will caramelize in the roaster and be present in the cup. Crack the Skye is another home run in deliciousness! 

Country: El Salvador
Farm: Montevideo
Cultivar: Bourbon
Process: Semi-washed (Yellow Honey)

Country: El Salvador
Farm: Vista Hermosa
Cultivar: Pacas  'Joven'
Process: Washed
Notes: Apricot, Mulling Spices, Tangerine
Net Wt. 12oz

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*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please indicate your preference in the notes section – drip, espresso, or press.