Tired Hands Saison and Galaxy Hops


Collaboration propels ideation into innovation, and this project is a result of a coffee and beer company working together in a capacity that has never happened before. Our friends at Tired Hands Brewing Company (THBC) traveled with us to San Jeronimo Miramar to explore fermentation with their own yeast strains and cultures. THBC's focus on Saisons and hop-forward ales inspired us to recreate these conditions in fermentation tanks - exposing these freshly pulped coffees to a new dimension of flavors and nuances found in yeast esters and hop fruitiness. A truly one of a kind opportunity that could never be replicated in quite the same way!

This experiment represents the next phase of our exploration; layering a potent colony of THBC proprietary Saison yeast with a hefty amount of Galaxy Hops. The yeast itself is a staple culture with many of their beers and has evolved over 7 years, with notes of pineapple, golden hay, and fresh linen. This unique and delicious strain is paired with a tropical fruit bomb of galaxy hops, through an extensive fermentation period.  
We are BLOWN AWAY with the taste of this coffee, as it resembles some of the same qualities as our cask-conditioned offerings. A fruit bomb with a nice body and an overall delicious cup we are super proud of!  

Country: Guatemala
Farm: San Jeronimo Miramar
Cultivar: Catuai and Caturra
Process: Fermented with Saison Yeast and Galaxy Hops
Notes: Lime, Oolong tea, Black Currant
Net Wt: 12oz 
This coffee is sold as whole bean, if you would like it ground, please write that in the notes: drip, press pot or espresso.
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