Pacamara (Single Origin)


In 2005, an ash eruption from a neighboring volcano damaged portions of San Jose. Ash was a factor, but acid rain from the eruption drastically affected the pH of the soil, ultimately shocking and killing some of the trees. Overtime, balance was restored to the soil, due to the ash acting as a superfood, depositing minerals and vitamins into the soil making it rich and fertile. 

San Jose's Pacamara is grown in the heart of the farm and definitely benefited from the eruption. This lot isn't visible from the road and you have to pry yourself through a wall of shrubs and trees to get to them. This lot is small and yields about 8 - 69 kilo bags. It's really special because of the unique fruitiness not typical of a Pacamara. 

Country: El Salvador
Farm: San Jose
Cultivar: Pacamara
Process: Washed
Notes: Grapefruit, Pecan, Honeydew
Net Wt: 12oz


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