Coffee Cold Cans


Special Limited Releases

Citra Hopped  - A special Coffee Cold can release of our citra hop fermented Catuai washed coffee. Very limited batch of these available as a solo 8-pacK

Styrian Wolf Hop  SOLD OUT - A special Coffee Cold can release of our Styrian Wolf hop fermented Catuai washed coffee. Very limited batch as part of the combo 8-pack w/Citra Hopped version. 

Coffee Cold comes in FOUR distinct styles, Black Splash, Brown Acid, Chocolate City, Vanilla Suburbs. Enjoy poured over ice or straight out of a chilled can. Strong enough to share with friends or solo for the real OGs. 100% coffee, no sweetners, sugars, artificial flavors or preservatives. (And vegan!) 

Each style comes in 8-packs, housed inside a swagged out cooler with Coffee Cold artwork. (These are randomly selected, so please no requests for a specific style.)For the time being we will only have our portfolio Coffee Cold cans available; Chocolate City, Brown Acid, Black Splash and Vanilla Burbs.  For those who can't decide (we don't blame you) grab the assorted 8-pack, with two of each style.

Chocolate City - At the center of our Coffee Cold galaxy exists the skeleton of perfection, ingeniously overdosed coffee and water. Minimalist, viscous, acid driven, psychedelegence in a can. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Black Splash - A rotating selection of spirit and/or barrel manipulated coffees, a psychedelic dreamscape in a can. A mind bending experience of fruity and voluptuous flavors. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Brown Acid - This electrifying force begins with a stellar selection of hops layered onto our house Coffee Cold. Paired together, the experience is nothing short of a technicolor explosion for the tastebuds. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Vanilla Suburbs - Far from the apocalyptic funk of Chocolate City exists the Vanilla Suburbs. A lavish and decadent conduction of coffee, vanilla and cocoa. This brew will delight with explosive vanilla and cocoa flavors. 8 oz can (8-pack) 

Assorted Pack - 2 of each style 8oz (8-pack)