Catuai (Fermented with Citra Hops)


Coffee fermentation is a major focus for DMC, it's one of the many areas that separates us from our peers. More specifically, we are trying to grasp a better understanding of fermentations' nebulous process and then modifying our approach to achieve a desirable result . In this experiment, we wanted to see how the acids in hops would affect the microbiology present in fermentation tanks and more importantly, how the hop character would impact flavor. So exactly how does this hop fermented coffee process work? 

We have played with hopping coffees using two processes. Currently, we offer iced coffee brewed with Citra hops, but this process is not related to this whole bean coffee. 

In this process we added dry hops to freshly pulped coffee in a fermentation tank at the farm. Hops flowers have resin glands that produce bittering compounds that inhibit microbial production. The dissolved hops make a "marinade" for the coffee to ferment. Similarly to the saison yeast, the roasted coffee has a subtle layer of hop character, which should add juicy fruity qualities to the bean.

Each of the coffees will be an elegant cup with delicate differences in the notes that represent qualities from both the coffee and hops. Can't decide which one would be the best? No problem, grab the 2-pack for a special price! Order here

If you need a little more help with understanding fermentation, read our previous blog post that helps to explain some of the fermentation and drying processes that are used. There's also an in-depth blog post for those who would like to know the entire process for both of the coffees. 
Country: Guatemala
Farm: Finca San Jeronimo
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Washed, fermented with Citra hops
Notes: Lime Zest, Papaya, Dutch Cocoa
Net Wt: 12 oz 

*** Sold as whole bean by default. If you would like it ground, please indicate your preference in the notes section – drip, espresso, or press. 

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