Woah! Hey there! You've stumbled onto something rare in this day and age. Something that seeks to not only exceed standards and expectations, but to set the standard and expectation for things to come. 'Calidad' is Spanish for quality: a word that we here at Dark Matter Coffee take to heart. Quality is more than just a finished product, it's a way of life. It's an action, not an idea. Quality is attained through relationships in both prosperity, and - even more so - in struggle.

We strive to build relationships with companies and individuals who share this value. Finding quality partners is what we do. Quality is why we bring you this collaboration with Whole Foods Market. We've enjoyed our relationship with Whole Foods for over a decade, and look forward to the quality work we can continue to do together. You can find our coffee across the country in their fine shops, like our Love Supreme, Unicorn Blood, Starry Eyes, or select single origins. What you'll find inside this bag is nothing less than the gold standard you've come to expect from us, and them. 

The artwork was provided by artist and creator Chris Uphues, known for his works that rekindle the childlike imagination in all of us. From cheery hearts and cosmic rainbows to mushroom and turtle furniture, put some of his art in your home by visiting his shop HERE.
February 03, 2023 — Jake Kryshak

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