Having trouble managing your subscription? No problem, we're here to help! The process is more simple than ever.

Just follow these simple instructions: 

Step 1- If you haven't already, create an account with us. Once you've verified your email, simply log in to your Dark Matter account by clicking register/login on the toolbar.

Step 2- Once you reach the account page, simply click the "Manage Subscription" button underneath your name.

Step 3- Bask in the greatness of modern technology and tweak settings to your hearts content. From this page you can manage your card, address, products, etc.

Congratulations! Feel the power in your hands! Make your changes and reward yourself for a job well done with a nice hot mug of Dark Matter Coffee :)
Run into a problem and need some extra help? Simply e-mail jeffk@darkmattercoffee.com and we'll get you sorted!

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