If there's been one plant that's served as inspiration for DMC over the year, besides coffee of course, it's gotta be the Devil's Lettuce. You know: kush, cheeba, herb, gas. Whatever you wanna call it, it's been one of our muses since the get-go. With that in mind, Devil's Lettuce is one of our annual blends and offering to the gods of ganja, always accompanied by the artwork of DMC mainstay Jason Brammer and, often times, a mixtape to put you in the right headspace. We're going through designs past and the adjunct tunes to puff puff pass on the cheer during the kindest month of the year. But first, we sat down with Jason to discuss music, art, inspirations and more:


The mixtape for this release was smoked and curated by the Impala Sound Champions. This DJ duo can do no wrong in our eyes and this mix is blessed by Jah as the perfect companion to our coffee.


Devil's Lettuce 2015 mixtape once again features our green pals Impala Sound Champions blasting out the reggae love! Twist one up, hit play and pass it around friends!



Helping us smoke the peace pipe are our partners-in-crime, Impala Sound Champions, bringing a super heady ganga mix for everyone's dome!



Push Beats, the premiere beat makers & DJ collective from Chicago provide the mixtape for Devil's Lettuce 2017. Chalked full of token beats to make sure your head is securely unfastened for the musical ride. Released in a limited edition cassette tape via Press Pot Recordings





April 08, 2021 — Jake Kryshak

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