New Store Hours!

To celebrate our recent increase in Daylight, we're taking a big leap into the future (don't be scared!) and extending our weekend hours at all locations. Our neighbors have been waking up earlier and so we're following suit and getting at those worms. Additionally, The Mothership is getting all growzed up and extending their weekend shifts to the full day, staying open til 6:00 pm. (Yes, that means Saturday & Sunday get three more hours of coffee fun!) 
Beginning the weekend of April 3-4, our new store hours are as follows: 
  • Star Lounge: 
    • Mon-Fri: 6am-9pm 
    • Sat-Sun: 6am-8pm
  • Osmium: 
    • Every day: 6am-9pm 
  • The Mothership: 
    • Every day: 6am-6pm 
March 20, 2016 by Kyle Hodges