Shawnimal's Hug Lyf & Other Helping Hands

Every Saturday morning, you can count on Shawnimals being at Star Lounge, hanging out and chatting it up with his fellow friends and neighbors. So we are stoked that a piece, or pieces, of Shawnimals will be around 7 days a week, as he is the featured guest artist for his favorite watering hole. His work is WELL KNOWN throughout the world through his Ninjatown video game, plush toys, and also as a featured artist in March 2016's Ninja Blend. Check out all of his rad things, read epic stories of good versus evil, and download his Ninjatown game at and The kick off party will be Friday, October 6th, complete with coffee, music, beer and snacks! 


A universal notation that can be applied anywhere.  

October 01, 2017 — Kyle Hodges

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