Nightroamer is the third album from our friends Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, and we're happy to report their blisteringly energetic brand of punk-rock'n'roll-country fusion is more expansive and genre-defying than ever! Are they a rock-inspired country outfit or steel-guitar punk? Doesn't matter if it's this good. 

Inspired by this dynamism, we crafted a blend just as versatile as the band themselves: something that can be sipped and shared on the front porch, on the front dash of a tour van, in a honky-tonk roadhouse or a punk rock hole in the wall. Liz Pavlovic's violet night sky gives an indication of the blend inside: dark fruit notes and a twinkle of acidity. Honey processed Salvadoran coffee pairs creamy body (with more citrus acidity coming through as it cools),  with hints of berry notes provided by a Bourbon natural from the Pacas family. Is it a comfort cup or a heady dive? Doesn't matter if it's this good.

Lastly and definitely not least, we were graciously given three tracks from Nightroamer that are yours free via digital download when you purchase a bag through the DMC website. Make sure to grab the record here.

Blend Breakdown:

Coffee 1
Country: El Salvador
Mill: Café  Tuxpal
Cultivar: Bourbon & Pacas
Process: Honey
Coffee 2
Country: El Salvador
Farm: Santa Petrona
Cultivar: Bourbon
Process: Natural 
Notes: Blackberry, Caramel, Citrus
Net Weight: 12oz
February 17, 2022 — Jake Kryshak

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