Runners are a different blend of people because, well, they enjoy running. Finding excitement where others find only exhaustion. To these oddballs, running is a ritual that begins the second their alarm buzzes, rings, or chimes. They don shorts that show a little too much thigh, put on bandaids before they bleed, and play it safe so they never chafe. Then off they trot, treating themselves to morning miles for breakfast with coffee on the side.

And for this different blend of people comes a special blend of coffee. Made in collaboration with Fleet Feet and Diadora - Rituale draws its name from Diadora's own Italian running roots to celebrate the runner's ritual. And as a proud member of the Chicago running community since 1996, Fleet Feet believes in providing what's best for runners, from the shoes on their feet to the coffee they sip. Which is why this unique blend gives runners the fuel they need to get a running start to their day. 

For this coffee we decided to add a sweet and fruity twist to our Northern Italian inspired Unicorn Blood, paying homage to Diadora's Italian roots! Catuai and Catimor from Finca San Jeronimo in Guatemala are joined by a bright, natural processed Bourbon from Santa Petrona in El Salvador, adding a strawberry-like profile. As with Unicorn Blood, this coffee performs well in a variety of brew methods from coffee cold to espresso! 

August 19, 2021 — Jake Kryshak

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