The coffees we source are extremely important to us. They shape the identity of our company as they convey a thought process; a commentary on flavor preference, political and cultural awareness, and business practices. With this in mind, we have ideated for years how to effectively convey the importance of our coffees as a singular idea. Enter a new era of fermentation expression.
Welcome to the world of cleanliness and purity. Like that of the sea jellies, these coffee seeds were soaked in an ocean of water. During the coffees’ short swim, fermentation, acting as wisdom, drives acidity, clarity, and focus throughout each tentacle of possibility.
Agua single origin packaging


 Agua = Washed coffees. Showcasing the genetic identity of each cultivar  

Celebrating ripening as beautiful imperfections, these coffee seeds are pulped from their skin and rested in their own sugars. With the passing of time and contact with land, they become graced with an aerial development as righteous as a flamboyance of flamingos. 
Aire Single Origin Packaging

 Aire = Honey Processed, emphasizing body and sweetness. 


Embracing realms of influence and experience, we have transformed our collective curiosity and abandoned conventional practices of coffee fermentation. This shamanic jaguar blazes our path forward in action, but one cannot progress these ideas without fueling the fire of psychedelegance.


Fuego  = Experiments, Pushing conventional wisdom on process and flavor. 

Brilliant, synaptic, and adaptive, like that of the spider monkey, these coffee cherries encapsulate the majesty of mother earth. With merely time, maturity, and control, the evolution of flavor becomes explosive with the funk, fruit, and soil in which they were grown.
 Tierra Natural Single Origin Packaging


Tierra = Natural Coffees,  Promoting dramatic expressions of fruit character and acidity 

November 19, 2019 — Jake Kryshak

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