The Great Halls of Metal were fashioned by Judas Priest in their studs and leather with everything faster, heavier - guitars, amps, power - blazing around the planet higher, louder... SOARING in EPIC PROPORTIONS! Their all out sonic attack cemented their place as the firebrand for British Heavy Metal. Does anything cut as deep as British Steel? NO! 

The songs comprising this landmark record yielded both monumental commercial success capturing the attention of the broader uninitiated while also producing anthems to those already deeply enmeshed in a turbo charged new genre. Priest unleashed this razor sharp maelstrom onto the collective consciousness and we've thankfully never been the same since! Instantly recognizable for their peerless attack, the fuel for this inexorable juggernaut must be both ebullient and unremitting. The brewed crude sparkles cup after cup, sin after sin. DEATH TO FALSE COFFEE! 

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of British Steel, Dark Matter Coffee and Judas Priest present the ultimate hesher coffee. On April 14th, the actual day of the original release, the coffee and cassette combo was unleashed via the DMC website and our three Chicago retail locations. Each bag of British Steel coffee will come with a old school cassingle, featuring "Grinder" and "Snakebite". (While supplies last.)


How do you purchase Judas Priest coffee

How do you purchase Judas Priest coffee said:

How do you purchase Judas Priest coffee could not see a pricing or anything on the website

James West

James West said:

Please create more Priest coffee!!

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