Metalocalypse NOW!

It's been several years since this absurdly fantastic cartoon graced boob tubes across the world. This tongue-in-cheek ode to all things metal gripped fans of all ages, colors and creeds to become a cult classic. Much in the same vein as Headbangers Ball, this show was ripped from the airwaves too soon. 

Fast forward to present day, to the beginning of Metalocalypse NOW! is a movement to convince the fine folks at HULU to put the final season of the show out so that the story can be complete. Dark Matter Coffee are huge fans, and wanted to show our support in anyway possible. We trekked half-way across the country to fuel two crazy parties over Halloween weekend.

The first was at Grill'em All Burgers, a metal themed burger & beer bar in Alhambra, California. Crazed fans packed their faces with glorious meat delicacies like Jump in The Fryer, Bohemeth and my favorite, Cowboy From Hell. Brendon Small, the creator of Metalocalypse, was on hand to eat, drink and encourage debauchery. 

Grill'em All Burger Bar


Day two was an offering of support at HULU HQ on Friday, October 30th to help convince the powers-that-be to do what is right and make the final season a reality! Again, the support was overwhelming and after four hours, everyone was asked to keep quite. (Hulu employees were having trouble talking on the phone due to all the noise!) The event was a great success and provided some impressive costumes! 

Metalocalypse Now


The battle isn't over yet though!! We need everyone to SIGN THE PETITION! Help us keep Metalacolyspe alive! To find out how you can support, read up here

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