Our annual release of 2Pacas is upon us, a blend brimming with tributes. The first and most obvious, is with Tupac, a legendary West Coast rapper who met his end under mysterious circumstances. The second is with the intensely classic Pacas cultivar, which is a mutation of the Bourbon cultivar of coffee. (Not to be confused with the bourbon barrel aged coffees that we release, find more information here.)

We work closely with the Pacas family who discovered this genetic in El Salvador. Grown from the seeds sourced from some of the oldest Pacas trees in the world, we can say quite comfortably we've been able to source this genetic at its best. The Pacas cultivar will typically have big toffee sweetness with black tea and lemon highlights - characteristics we have come to associate with great Salvadoran beans.

Pacamara, birthed in 1958, is hybrid of Pacas and Maragogype, a Typica mutation. Commonly known for meyer lemon, peppery spice, and milk chocolate. This genetic produces a large bean with the capability of producing wild fruity character given the right conditions. Grown from a lot ranging in age, this coffee has collectively matured beautifully, transforming its wild acidity into pronounced citrus. 

Together, these coffees work exceptionally well, especially paired with late summer/early fall weather. Expect lots of brown sugar, lemon and persimmon in the cup.

Country: El Salvador 
Farm: El Rosario 
Process: Washed 

Country: El Salvador 
Farm: Vista Hermosa 
Cultivar: Pacas 
Process: Pulped Natural 
Notes: tobacco, brown sugar, persimmon
Net Wt. 12oz



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